Workshop 1

Europe Code Week – Coding for Kids

There is a language of things that can make us communicate with the objects that surround us, it is called coding. Coding is fun: it can stimulate creative thinking and let children approach mathematics getting them used to think in a logical manner. Learning the language of things is a competitive advantage because it means being able to give life to ideas. In the workshop “Coding for Kids” FacilityLive meets primary schools’ children for a coding session dedicated to the youngest.

9.30 – 11.30


Davide Lazzari, Head of R&D, FacilityLive

Ryan Heath, Spokesperson of Neelie Kroes, Vice President and Commissioner for Digital Agenda for Europe at European Commission

Gianpiero Lotito, Founder & CEO of FacilityLive and “Ambassador” for e-Skills for Jobs 2014 under the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs by the European Commission

Fabrizio Porrino, Vice President, Global Public Affairs, FacilityLive

Mariuccia Teroni, Founder & Chief Operations Officer of FacilityLive, “Ambassador” for e-Skills for Jobs 2014 and “Digital Icon” for Watify – Stimulating Digital Entrepreneurship under the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs by the European Commission

Video-link with “Spazio Europa” at EU Permanent Representation in Rome:

– Alessandro Bogliolo, Italian Ambassador EU Code Week

– Riccardo Luna, Digital Champion for Italy

– Alessandra Poggiani, Director General, AgID (Agency for Digital Italy)

Private session for class 4B of the primary school Pascoli of Pavia.

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