About 2014 edition

#DigitalPavia 2014, entitled “The New Technological Industry in Europe: Start-up & Future”, was an event conceived and produced by FacilityLive (in collaboration with local authorities) to promote and disseminate the value of digital skills, not only in cultural terms but also to foster employment and business opportunities. The workshops of the day were dedicated to some crucial issues of our everyday life: the role of women in the technological world, the tough situation of young Italians and Europeans in the labour market and the difficulties of students in acquiring skills in line with the future developments of the digital age. The event had two exceptional locations: the Technological Pole, born from the conversion of part of the former industrial area of Pavia, and the University of Pavia, one of the oldest and most prestigious in Italy.

Visit the gallery to see the special moments of the day and the press review to read the articles about the event.